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St John the Evangelist
St Annes Road
Dudley Wood
West Midlands

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Viv Wakeman - 01562 229065

Jen Kerrison - 0121 550 3331

Cradley Heath Community Link
72 High Street
Cradley Heath
West Midlands
B64 5HA



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St Johnís Church is part of the Church of England and is in Worcester Diocese.

St John's is a church - a community of people - of many different generations. Our oldest is 92 and youngest just a year with many in between. I may be biased but I would say that we are a very welcoming church and very relaxed about children and babies making lots of noise!

Each one of us holds different views on faith and life but we are part of the church because we hold the faith that Jesus Christ died for us and rose again to bring us new life, and that we can live that new life because God's Holy Spirit leads us and guides us.

We come together during the week for different events but mainly on a Sunday to worship Jesus Christ. We offer Him our thanks for all that is good and we offer our prayers for those who need his help. We learn about our faith through the Bible and we remember his death on the cross through Holy Communion.

Because we are individuals we all prefer different styles of worship that make life more meaningful and so we offer different types of services at St John's. Some are very suitable for young families and others who like noise, other services, usually in the evening are quieter and more reflective

The Christian faith is about putting our faith into action so we like to be involved in the community. Among others, our main community involvement is through Cradley Heath Community Link. We have premises on Cradley Heath High Street which is used for the Foodbank, also to provide help for people on benefits and related issues, and we make the premises available for other groups too. We all like to do our bit donít we. Many of our volunteers at Community Link do not come to our church but simply want to help out which is great.

For further information please see our FaceBook page and www.achurchnearyou


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